Intravenous low level laser blood therapy is a non-invasive method used for brainwave modulation and improving blood viscosity.  The laser source through the nasal cavity gives the closest possible connection to the blood with the best laser properties of light from the source and thus an ideal location. This method is non-invasive and can be used in the comfort of your home long term for brainwave modulation.


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The mechanisms of action of Red and NIR light energy is based on the release of Nitric Oxide from cells in the Body, Brain and Blood. Used in combination, to maximize the local increases in blood flow and improve circulation.

  • Partnering the leading experts in PBMT from around the globe, ProNeuroLIGHT has created a suite of FDA-cleared, OTC Class II photobiomodulation medical devices to facilitate well being and better health in you and your patients.

  • We are proud to present for the FIRST TIME in the USA, the ONLY DUAL PROBE Intranasal PBMT Device that offers:

    » DUAL, Simultaneous RED and NIR Intranasal LED PBMT
  • » Completely Programmable: Frequency [ 0 to 99Hz] & Power [ 1 mW to 30mW ]
  • » Elegant, Light Weight Design
  • » Fully Rechargeable for Extended Use
  • » Wearable Portable Technology
  • » Clinically Proven to Increase Circulation

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